Sunday, December 7, 2008


November 30 marked the start of the season of Advent with the lighting of the first candle on the Advent wreath. I wasn't aware of this until recently when our community, the BCBP (Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals) had an Advent Recollection to celebrate the first Sunday of Advent. To the Catholic Church, Advent is a time for reflection and preparation for the coming of our Saviour, Jesus Christ on Christmas Eve. These 4 weeks prior to Christmas is a time to reflect on our life and actions of the past year, and our plans for the coming new year. It was an eye-opener for me since I was brought up to anticipate and excitedly await the Christmas season and all the parties, gifts, and food that goes with it.....Maybe I was motivated by the Christmas carols and the advertisements over the radio and television and the shopping rush in the malls that the significance of the season was lost among the chaos and madness...well, who wouldn't be? At the onset of the ber months, the radio waves would start of be interspersed with Christmas carols and the malls and store would be awash with bright Christmas lights and wreaths with all the trimmings....we would also bring out our Christmas tree place it on its spot in the living room. Everybody would be busy planning all the parties and reunions that would follow as well as the gifts to be bought for all the "inaanaks" and friends and family....add to that the giving out of the year-end bonuses and the 13th-month pay and everybody would surely be in the mood to celebrate and be generous.

This year is different for is a sharp contrast to the past Christmases I had. The anticipation for the Christmas season is still there but with a marked difference....this time the anticipation is coupled with an inner spiritual introspection...a time to take stock of my life, my deeds, and myself....a time to prepare myself spiritually for the His birthday. I came to realize that perhaps I had been so busy the Christmas seasons gone that I forgot the true meaning of the season....that of CHRIST....for without Christ, Christmas would not be forthcoming. He is the real reason for the season...that's what I often hear and I would always call attention to people who would spell Christmas with Xmas telling them that doing so would take away the essence of the season...(ang arte noh...hehehe)